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N.V.E. Services

Napa Valley Engraving offers a variety of services such as, engraving, etching, embossing, bronze plaques, color print and vinyl signage. Select the tabs below to learn more about what we can do for you.


An engraved flask

The majority of the engraving work here is completed by computer-operated machines. We have a ring engraving tool which has limited fonts and is done all by hand. Our machines use diamond bit or rotary cutters to engrave metals and plastics. Common metals engraved are: Brass, pewter, nickle, titanium, steriling silver, copper, aluminium, and stainless steel. Napa Valley Engraving keeps engraving materials, such as metals or plastics/acrylics, in stock.

Examples of engraved items: Jewelry (charms, lockets, pendants, rings, etc.), watches, utensils, gun parts, knives, swords, pens, name tags/name plates, indoor/outdoor signs, wall plaques, perpetual trophy plates, medallions, lighters, flasks, wedding items, wine accessories, and even hardware tools.

Laser engraving

A laser engraved plaque

Our laser engraving machine is operated by a computer. We can burn woods, laser plastics, acrylics, coated metals, and glass. Most items fit in our laser machine. Plastic/acrylic and laserable brass/aluminium materials are kept in stock. Please note that some items such as mobile devices (tablets, phones, etc.) may no longer be under warranty if engraved.

Examples of laser engraved items: Baseball bats, electronic items, wine boxes, outdoor/indoor signs, name tags/name plates, stencils, medallion inserts, cork products, leather products, vinyl, stamps, wooden utensils, industrial tags/plates/labels and pen sets.


An etched wine bottle
An etched wine bottle

Our main etcher here is Hiromi, who has perfected the art of sandblasting. Sandblasting or etching is all done by hand and includes a setup fee. This process involves developing a template or mask of the designs, masking the item, and etching the item using very fine sand particles. Common materials we etched are: Glass, crystal, marble, granite, stone, stainless steel, chrome, aluminium, brass, and copper.

Examples of etched items include garden stones, wine bottles/glasses/accessories, vases, stainless steel parts/tools, knives, urns, beersteins, trophy cups, mirrors, glass wall partitions, bells, gun parts, car parts, and paper weights.

Samples of etched stainless steel signage, historical tree markers, can be seen around the grounds of the Yountville Veteran’s Home.

Bronze plaques

A bronze plaque

Your bronze plaque order must be outsourced due to the California laws and regulations. We create your artwork and send it out of state to be manufactured. You may approve proofs of the artwork, and choose the size, styles, colors, fonts, and textures. Logos and images (even full colored) can be included on bronze plaques.


Colorprint name tags

Colorprint name tags are created like simple ID cards. Blank cards go through a heated color process within a machine and text/artwork is printed on the card. We make these kind of name tags for wineries and local businesses. There is a setup fee for these name tags.


Embossing is all done by hand. We can emboss leather items such as books, watch bands and wallets. Vinyl covered books/items may melt and create a blurred imprint, therefore leather is the recommended material. There are limited font styles, colors and sizes available. This imprinting process is delicate and slow; therefore we require at least 2 days for completing your order.

Vinyl signage

Our plotter can cut vinyl for creating outdoor and indoor signs.

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