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Name Plates and Name Tags

Three nameplates on display

We carry and engrave nameplates and nametags in a variety of metals, plastics and color; we can also custom size. Your item can also be engraved in a variety of font styles to choose from.

Nameplates aren't limited to labeling someone's office. You can use them as a greeting for your friends and family, to update a trophy, or attach to the flat section of a gift box. The possibilities are endless. We also sell nameplate stands and wall holders in many styles and colors to fit your needs.

In additon to our regular engraving techniques, we can print full color plastic nametags or selected ID cards as well, using the latest in ColorPrint technology. You can also choose how the nametag will be held together. We offer magnetic clamps, safety pin and other styles.

  • JDS-CP330801B
  • JDS-CP410802G
  • JDS-CP411002S
  • JDS-CP750815B
  • JDS-CP300801G
  • JDS-CP750815S

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